The Question of Israel & Palestine

Whenever the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is brought up for discussion an inevitable polarization takes place with the intelligentsia present on both the sides coming up with arguments and counter arguments to negate the other side’s stand on the issue. The overall dispute is complex to understand but the doorway to resolving the dispute lies in realizing two basic things.

The first one is what I call the ‘Palestinian Perspective’. There is little doubt that Israel has occupied a significant portion of the territory illegally and has been committing human rights abuses in the region since decades. Secondly, the undemocratic attitude adopted by Israel by depriving Palestinians of their due rights has given the Palestinian demand for statehood complete legitimacy and no matter how fiercely this demand is resisted, an independent state of Palestine will one day be a reality and it is something which is truly deserved by the oppressed Palestinians. The other part of the story is what can be termed as ‘Israel’s Rightful Assertions’. The bottom line is that no country on the face of the Earth can deny the right of Israel to exist as a nation.  Secondly, there are definitely some major problematic persons within the Israeli administration but the world should stop demonizing Israel (Especially the Arab World) and recognize the fact that the Jews have themselves been a heavily persecuted lot in the past and the atrocities meted out on the Jews in places like Nazi Germany cannot be denied.

Both the sides need to get back to the negotiating table but there cannot be talks until and unless extremist Islamist and Zionist elements are not defeated. We should have full sympathy for the innocent civilians who died in the Gaza strikes but we should not think twice before condemning Hamas as a terror outfit. Leaders in the Arab World should stop sympathizing with Hamas who has been on a terror spree since quite a while. Recently, Hamas circulated videos on the net stating that ‘killing Jews was an act of worship’. In fact they have even killed many Palestinians who did not support them and instead voted for Fatah. There should be no recognition of any kind for such an outfit and the world should also be wary of the extremist Zionists who are bent upon using the state machinery to carry out a genocide in Gaza and don’t hesitate twice before saying that they’ll ‘keep on bombing Gaza till it goes back to the Middle ages’. Lastly and most importantly, the world community should ensure that in the coming future, none of the sides be it Israel or Palestine, turns into a totalitarian state run by supremacist Zionists or Islamists.