Religion’s Contrarian Approach Towards Women

There is little doubt that women happen to be the most oppressed community in the history of mankind and this is one feature which is strikingly similar among all societies. The biggest dampener in the way of women empowerment has always been religious precepts. All religions without exception carry the guilt of actively discriminating against women and this stems from the contrarian approach embraced by religions in relation to women.

Women were given such a pious and divine status by religions that this divinity eventually led to them becoming societal outcastes. Values such as educational enlightenment, economic independence, political participation and health and survival of women which we hold in high esteem today were kept on the backburner by religion. Economically, religion made women so high in stature that they were not expected to go out, dirty their hands and work to earn bread for themselves. The onus of feeding them was put on the male members of their household. This economic dependence of women over men imposed by religion took away the necessity of their education. Religion sanctioned such piousness for women that they were proscribed from the grimy business of political participation. All these things literally excommunicated women from the daily hustle bustle of public life. Religion has made women just like religious books. We all know how worthless religious books have become in the modern era with only a handful bunch of people reading them and exceptionally few following them but one unusual thing is that no matter how much a person might be ignorant of the holy scriptures, he or she will always ensure that they are well kept and neatly covered in a beautiful piece of clothing and placed at the top of some shelf. This is the worst kind of formality which one can see.
Religious books are not being utilized for what they are meant ie for reading, understanding and following but they are instead being subjected to false honour and comfort of beautiful wrapping cloths. Similar is the case with religion’s approach towards women. Religion says that women are very divine, pious and high in stature but it gives them minimal rights based on botched up logics thereby ensuring their subjugation while simultaneously paving the way for a patriarchal society. This is the reason why I term religion’s approach towards women as contrarian.

Mischief Played by Religious Leaders

Religious leaders are collectively responsible for making the society believe in the myth that their religion is the most superior religion in the whole world and nobody is capable of challenging their religion’s supremacy. They do so by utilizing the art of limited perception.

The Bible, Gita, Quran, Upanishads, Vedas, Guru Granth Sahib are not just books, they are huge books. These religious leaders pick out one line from these books and with the help of that one line they prove their superiority and other religion’s inferiority. Tell me how can one line be interpreted in a single way without studying its implications? Why was that statement made? Why was it written in such a way? Every religion has its set of drawbacks and strengths. Quoting one line out of these extremely huge Holy Books isn’t enough to prove a thing.

They do not accept alternating opinions and anybody who raises a voice against them is accused of blasphemy and things like that. If you ever attend a religious conference you will see that these people almost teach the same things. Never lie, don’t cheat, don’t harm anyone, respect everyone, help others and obey the Almighty. People appreciate them for saying so but frankly speaking there is nothing new in these words? We’ve been taught these things since time immemorial and it doesn’t take much time to repeat these things in an inspiring way after practicing a speech to perfection. I don’t have great fondness for religious leaders and that is why I believe in my own independent and pragmatic understanding of life and my religion.