Sharad Pawar & Slapgate

I was least surprised when I saw many people glorifying the slap-gate scandal which took place today. This sort of a vicious activity is highly uncivil and is not justified under any circumstances especially in a country that came into being after pioneering a non violent freedom struggle and won accolades worldwide for the kind of resilience and courage showed by it during that period of time.

Jingoism is an absurd thing and jingoists do need to realize that there are ample civil and legitimate ways of venting out frustration. The legitimate way is to go to law courts and get corruption tainted leaders punished, you can petition the Government and recommend ways via which inflation can be tackled but you just can’t vandalize public offices and manhandle union ministers and that too a minister like Sharad Pawar who isn’t just the Union Minister of Agriculture but is also the ICC President & has also served as a Chief Minister.

I don’t want to see any individual glorifying this absolutely reckless act of violence. Robert F Kennedy once said that, ‘we glorify killing on movie and television screens in the name of entertainment’, I wish that this voyeuristic taste sticks glued only to the entertainment world, if we’ll do the same in this mortal world then we’ll also be witnessing an era of ‘the mindless menace of violence’ as the States did in the 1960’s when it lost great leaders like JFK, Martin Luther King Jr & Robert F Kennedy due to violence.