Romney Cruises Past Obama in Debate No. 1

The astonishing victory of Governor Mitt Romney in yesterday’s first Presidential Debate is indicative of a possible change of guard in the White House which could see Barack Obama become yet another victim of the global voter disillusionment fuelled because of the economic slowdown and which has already stumped leaders like Nicolas Sarkozy and Silivio Berlusconi in the past one year.

The bleeding economy was the main issue of discussion during the first of the three Presidential Debates and was dominated by concerns relating to jobs, tax cuts and deficits. None of the two candidates could deliver a devastating blow to their competitor’s Presidential ambitions but what worked for Romney was his controlled aggression when compared to Obama’s lack of responsiveness as he repeatedly failed to dodge the accusations leveled against him by his Republican compatriot. One of the biggest strengths of Obama when he ran for Oval office four years ago was his amazing personal story which he exploited in the best possible manner to woo voters. Last night too Obama began on the same personal note by wishing his wife a happy anniversary from the stage but the magic didn’t work this time around as tales and anecdotes of personal struggle and valour got buried under the heavy mountain of financial problems faced by America.

It was disappointing to see Governor Romney lead the opinion polls after the debate since he indulged in moral impropriety last night by capitalizing on a number of untrue statements. Global politics has since 2007 witnessed a wave of populist political rhetoric and anti-government sloganeering but the reason why it needs to be despised is because those who are indulging in such mudslinging have themselves had a very dismal personal record. They offer no real solutions and do nothing except from basing their campaigns on opprobrium of the incumbent government.