Savita’s Death – Hypocrisy of the Western Media

Savita’s death is surely going to reignite the debate surrounding abortion which has been a pet project of the Vatican since a very long time. There should not even be an iota of doubt in anyone’s mind concerning the irrationality around the idea of having a blanket ban on abortions. It’s good to be pro-life but it’s totally insane to not give a lady the liberty to undergo abortion when her own life is under threat. Catholic-majority Ireland needs to seriously reconsider its abortion laws because Savita’s death is a highly shameful incident. The Western Press talks highly of human rights and is quick to attack the East when some unfortunate event triggered by religion extremism takes place in Gujarat or Swat but it keeps mum on occasions when Catholic extremism is the driving force behind violation of human rights. Although I have nothing against Catholicism but I would merely like to remind the world that this whole notion of banning abortions in totality has been the handiwork of the Catholic Church and Ireland is the same country where Mother Teresa of Calcutta (a favourite of the Western media) delivered the message of saving lives by banning both contraceptives and abortions as a whole and this fact is well documented in Christopher Hitchens’s documentary titled ‘Hell’s Angel’.