Women Face Greater Challenges at Workplaces than Men

In a world full of voyeuristic outlooks and perverted mindsets, it is not trouble-free to lead a woman’s indomitable struggle to make ends meet with the purpose of keeping body and soul together. Economic-self reliance is the initial footstep towards attaining a decent and dignified life. Employment opportunities or ‘jobs’ as the Oxford dictionary defines them, are what human beings delve for in this competitive world of mankind. Education is the doorway to employment and without acquiring the right kind of education, an individual cannot even aspire to get a pie of success, forget about touching the echelons of it.

 For most women the battle begins even before arriving at the battlefield. Women hailing from conservative households have to wage mini-jihads against many of the pseudo-culture preservers of their family. Women toil endlessly, persuade people and after displaying fierce stubbornness for years, eventually receive ‘education’. For men the journey is never this hard nor do they have to bulldoze their way past opprobrious family members by means of crusading. At the very outset, one can differentiate between the two distinct creations of God. After years of hard work and resilience, women step inside the world of ‘working men’ to defy the ‘stereotypical spouse’ mentality of the world regarding them, the perception that women are entitled to stay back at home and look after the children while the supposed ‘man’ of the house does his duty. Day in and day out, working women defy such now-almost defunct taboos and prove to the world how women are natural multi-taskers. If they can dominate the households, they can also dominate the workplaces. But a woman’s journey is full of roadblocks. Sex-obsessed bosses crave for nature’s wild creation and often harass women working with them. To climb the ladder of promotions, many women are made to compromise on their morality and hence used as pleasure seeking tools. In certain cases, in particular the ones related to harassment, women are overpowered into performing devious acts and while a woman may manage to arrive at justice after fighting a long war inside courts, her soul is half dead. We live in a democratic world whose principle plank is equality but even in this sort of a set-up, women continue to face repeated discriminations. Even after the enactment of scores of legislations, employers continue to underpay women. This practice is not confined to India but is prevalent even in places like the United States, a country which ushered the world into realizing women power.

All women take ‘leaves’ from their line of duty while being in a state of pregnancy. After giving birth to the child and after fully recuperating, women rejoin with renewed vigour. Had men been subjected to this kind of a thing, their professional career would have been over. Comfort lies in familiarity and that can occur only in continuance. It’s not easy to discharge your duties efficiently if you’re bound to take breaks because of nature-generated hurdles but women have shown the world what resurgence really is. Another conventional challenge arises when a woman reaches nearly the top of the barrel. Male patriarchs do their best to turn the tables on their female counterparts and women have to outdo serious critiques to take over the mantle of leadership. Organizations might be willing to employ women but they are highly reluctant and unwilling to have a woman at the helm of affairs. It is thus a hundred times more difficult for a woman to reach the zenith of success. The penultimate post of decision making continues to be the ‘monopoly of men’ but certain revolutionary women have managed to dismantle their ‘absolute hegemony’ in this sphere.

We must not dig deeper or delve longer to identify the additional hardships faced by women as the list is long, presumably never ending for many. From going back home late at night (which is a child’s play for a man) to defying conservative family members as mentioned earlier, the challenges which arise are by no means easy to handle and what can be taken for granted is the fact that only a woman by means of her calm composure and resoluteness can blast past them.