Feminism & Fascism

The society has become so sexist that everybody is going crazy in the name of women empowerment and feminism. I am not against those who preach gender equality and root for women liberties but the point that I want to make over here is that you cannot give a section of society its due representation and rights by snatching away the rights of another section of society.

In a situation where half of the nation is booked in the name of reservations for ladies, OBC’s and SC/ST’s, what is a general category man supposed to do? Beg for admissions in colleges or stand and cry in front of PSU’s for jobs. This ambiguous scenario can be understood both philosophically and pragmatically. Let me come out with an example. There is a difference between being a fundamentalist and being communal. Being a fundamentalist means that you’re rigidly following your religion as prescribed by your God in the Holy Verses of Your Book which is not at all wrong but when you’re being communal you’re discriminating against all those people who do not belong to your religion. What needs to be realized over here is that a particular belief cannot prosper at the cost of the other meaning thereby all those people who think that they are helping their religion by plotting the downfall of other religions are highly incorrect.

I have one more example. We have enormous poverty and inequality existing in the world. What do you do to end poverty? Loot all the rich people so that they also come down to the same level, the inequality ceases to exist and poverty finishes because everyone is now on the same footing. All these solutions are farce in nature. The writing on the wall is clear. All sorts of discriminatory solutions should be avoided to in order to fuse further problems, mobilization and dissent. Stop the practice of discriminating in order to empower women, OBC’s and SC/ST’s. It’s true that these sections of society were discriminated and suppressed in the past but the fact remains that they cannot prosper by doing the same to others.