Honouring Team Work – EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize 2012

The European Union has been bestowed upon with the Nobel Peace Prize 2012 for its incessant contributions in keeping the continent of Europe cohesive and for striving towards achieving peace and advancement through the promotion of democratic principles and human rights over the past six decades in Europe. This trend of honouring organizations with worldly prizes seems to have gathered momentum over the past some years. Organizations like the International Atomic Energy Agency of the United Nations and the Inter-Governmental Panel for Climate Change have also managed to bag the coveted Nobel Peace Prize in the past. In 2011, TIME magazine made ‘The Protestor’ (Symbolizing People’s Movements across the globe) its person of the year while in 2006, they affirmed the same status to ‘YOU’ which represented millions of people creating content on the internet. This practice is a commendable one because it is for the first time that we are seeing real organizational abilities being given preference over individual heroic tales. In a world where egos and self esteems play such a prominent role, the recognition given to such organizations would pave the way for greater team work and promote a spirit of organizational brotherhood and societal unity. If this trend continues then humankind would get over its age-old habit of waiting for the arrival of demi-gods to set things right in the society and would instead work as a complete unit towards obliterating all the corrupt demons of our time without expecting any sort of divine intervention from some God-sent Messiah like figure.