The Spirit of Secularism

Communalism, casteism, regionalism and all sinister ‘isms’ have created preposterous and unnecessary ripples and tussles in the society. The vast presence of inequality and intolerance has given way to a gigantic amount of despondency which seems to indicate that insanity is ruling the roost but even amidst all this gloom, one is overawed with optimism when an institution named after an orthodox Hindu emperor who banned cow slaughter invites a Muslim as Chief Guest on its Annual Function and in his keynote address, the Chief Guest talks of Goddess Saraswati before honouring and giving away prizes to all meritorious students irrespective of their religious or regional affiliations. One starts believing in co-existence when a Professor hailing from Purvanchal openly denounces the political separatism being propagated by Purvanchali leaders with the intention of polarizing voters in East Delhi and one starts believing in togetherness when a UP’ite, Kashmiri and Punjabi sit down together, talk of contentious issues like separatism in Kashmir and insurgency in Punjab during the 80’s, listen to each other peacefully, are humble enough to disagree without being in disagreement and sign off with hugs and handshakes. Proud to be a part of an institution which practices what it preaches. A big salute to Maharaja Agrasen College, a bonafide beacon of secularism.