Stop Sharing Doctored Images – Bigotry, Buddhists & Burma

Since the past couple of days a lot of people on my friend list have been irking me by sharing stupid and silly photographs of the supposed genocide in Myanmar. Not only are those photographs fake, doctored with and morphed but they are also highly blasphemous towards the Buddhist community and promote a kind of bigotry against them by using captions like ‘Burma’s Buddhists are terrorists’ and ‘Share to show who the real terrorists are’.

I do agree that the conflict between Rakhines and Rohingyas is indeed a very serious one but since I’ve read quite a lot about the clashes I can unambiguously state that the conflicts aren’t as unilateral as they are being projected and both the sides have witnessed damages which are numerically very high and not very unequal. The clashes are primarily based on the issues of ethnicity and immigration and so it’s grossly preposterous to suggest that Muslims are being massacred because they are Muslims. Its untrue, misleading and I don’t like the statement. I am not saying that religion has not got anything to do with the mayhem in Myanmar. It’s certainly one of the factors but not the principle factor. However, the role of the country’s army in the riots remains full of doubt.

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