India at London Olympics 2012

It’s fascinating how a country of 1.2 billion people is satisfied with and can’t stop gushing about the six medals won by the entire Indian contingent put together at the London Olympics 2012. Honestly speaking, we put up quite a hopeless show and it’s atrociously stupid of us to stand and salute this effort of our sportsmen.

This in no way discredits the efforts of those who managed to come out with flying colours but the crux of the matter is that our representatives acted like the cricket team of the Proteas each and every time the big moment came immensely close and choked in. India hasn’t had an impressive record to boast off at the grandest stage of them all so we can take refuge in the fact that we climbed the ladder a bit more this time around.

Sporting supremacy is the doorway towards becoming a global political and economic superpower. India can’t expect to give the United States a run for their money until and unless they do a China at sporting events like the Olympics. This requires a fundamental change in the strategy of the Sports Ministry and other sports governing bodies in India who need to come up with the relevant sporting infrastructure within no time and provide serious incentives for taking up sports as a career but what is far more urgent is to institutionalize participating in sports in schools and colleges which will help in building a strong sporting base at the grassroots level and will also increase the healthiness of young Indian kids apart from sending our medal-acquiring hopes on the ascendance.    

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