Kuala Lampur War Crimes Tribunal Indicts Bush

Last month the ‘Kuala Lampur War Crimes Tribunal’ ruled that Former US President George Bush, his Vice President Dick Cheney, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfield and five others were guilty of war crimes.

The Tribunal was modeled after the ‘Nuremburg Tribunal’ which was set up by the United States after the Second World War to look into allegations of war crimes. The Tribunal is all set to forward its report to the International Criminal Court and UN Security Council to ensure prosecution of the guilty. The message which is being sent out is loud and clear. The United States and the other big daddies of international affairs cannot bully small countries like Sri Lanka on allegations of war crimes when they themselves don’t adhere to the laid down rules of war.

The going will only get tougher for the United States as many countries like Iraq and Afghanistan may follow suit by setting up such tribunals to look into the reasons behind the large death toll of innocent civilians amounting to more than a million during the days of ‘legitimate’ American invasion in the past decade. The principle of ‘collateral damage’ involving drone attacks on civilian belts without caring for the lives of innocent people to put down ‘enemies who matter more’ is like pronouncing a death sentence on all the accused just because the prosecutors cannot zero in on the main culprit. 

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