The Hafiz Saed Controversy

In a recent interview to the Daily Telegraph, Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani stated that there is not ample evidence to arrest Hafiz Saeed, the alleged mastermind behind 26/11. Gilani said that even if we arrest him, he’ll be set free by the courts on grounds of lack of proof and he went on to add, “You know that the judiciary is completely independent in Pakistan.”

What amazes is that this shameless guy had the guts to tell this to the whole world weeks after the Supreme Court convicted him in a contempt of court case and for this heinous and constitutional offence he was given a ‘symbolic’ punishment of ’30 seconds’ which made a complete mockery of the conviction and showed the world how spineless Pakistani courts were. American bounties will not help. I think the dossier which the Home Ministry provided to the Pakistani Establishment having evidence of Saeed’s involvement in 26/11 needs to be made public so that the people and public intellectuals can judge for themselves and find out as to what the truth is. Till now the Indian establishment has maintained that there is ample evidence and the Pakistani establishment has negated the charge. It’s high time that this dubious dual dodging is laid to rest and the facts come out in the public domain.


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