The Monster Named EMI

Imperialistic globalization has given birth to a dreadful monster named Equated Monthly Installment (EMI). This sinister offspring of capitalism has singlehandedly managed to steal mankind’s sleep.

All individuals who aspire to study, own bungalows / cars / flats / property or start a business are bound to undertake life-threatening debts which overshadow the very motive of their stay on this planet, Earth. This debt gives way to colossal amount of mental tension which is in relation to the payment of Equated Monthly Installment. Men and women strive day in and day out and are eventually able to repay their debts by the time they turn 60. This is how lopsided the vision of mankind has become ever since the banking usury has evolved due to neo-liberal policies.

It’s better to receive substandard education, live in a rented house and make use of public transports instead of bearing the risk of meeting EMI’s on a lingering basis. Whatever assets one develops by means of taking debts may not go down to his/her successors as the debtor envisages since the destiny of his/her offspring’s may not be intrinsically relegated to the same city, country or profession. The intention should be that of leading a stress-less and woe-less life even if that means ending up without owning necessary assets or not passing on ancestral assets to your successors.

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