Twin Jolts – Naxal Strike & Karnataka Waqf Board Scam

It’s been quite an eventful day as two alarmingly substantial developments have taken place. The Naxals planted a landmine bomb in a district of Maharashtra and killed as many as 12 CRPF personnel and injured 28 other troops. Left wing extremism or home grown terrorism in India has actually been stereotyped as a non news story. Had the same happened in Kashmir and had it been powered by elements based in Pakistan, we would have created a huge furore till now but not many of us are acquainted of this sinster deed which has taken place today. I am in no way defending cross border terrorism but the statistics are indicative of the fact that Naxal backed terrorism has accounted for more lives than terror activities plotted on Pakistani soil or driven by Pakistani terrorists. We should not have an indifferent attitude towards both these concerns. Both pose an incredible amount of threat on national security. The enemy within is in no way less sinister than the enemy outside. We need to wipe out all sorts of extremism from our great land.

The second big news story arose out of Karnataka where the ruling State BJP Government seems to be giving the Congress led UPA Government at the Centre a run for their money both in terms of controversies and corruption. After the highly pulsating Lokayukta report which caused the removal of BS Yeddyurappa from office and the ever embarrassing ‘Porngate’ scandal, the latest to bite the Karnataka Government is a report of the Karnataka Minorities Commission alleging a scam of Rs 2 lakh crore in connection to the illegal sale of Waqf property. Figuratively this scam is also alleged to be bigger than the 2G scam and if we go at this pace then the figure of Rs 1.76 lakh crore would be forgotten soon since the stakes involved in other scams are much higher. The allegations need to be thoroughly probed and it’s high time that all religious trusts (be it Waqf Boards, Christian Missionaries or Hindu Trusts) open themselves to financial scrutiny and make their economic transactions, accounting balance sheets and net assets public so as to clear the din concerning the mega frauds which are being orchestrated under the name of working for God and spreading religion.   

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