Vow to be taken on this Republic Day

The Constitution of India happens to a masterpiece and is the fundamental charter of our democracy. The visionaries who drafted the Constitution envisaged that the country will always be ruled through the prism of constitutional rules and regulations but the contemporary dilapidated and fractured state of Indian polity is a cause of concern for all Constitutionalists.

There is a lot of tomfoolery going around. The Parliament’s stature has been corroded as disruptions appear to reign supreme instead of debating. The three holy institutions of our democracy, namely, the Parliament, Executive and Judiciary appear to be at loggerheads with one another and this confrontation is undermining the spirit of the Constitution. Some States are clamouring that the principle of federalism is being assaulted by the Union Government by enacting centralized schemes while on the other hand the Centre is concerned over the growing obstructionist methods adopted by States which are ruled by regional parties and by those who happen to be sitting in the Opposition in Delhi.

There has been an incredible spread of anarchy which threatens to abandon the rule of law in the State. These are some of the challenges faced by the Democratic Republic of India.  On this Republic Day, let us take a pledge that with a resurgent effort we will ensure the establishment of a country which is not contrary to its constitutional principles.


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