Pre-Election Agenda Separates Indian & American Culture

The difference between American and Indian culture gets exposed and becomes evident when we compare the agenda dominating the pre-election scenario in the polity of these two countries. In both the countries when a person runs for public office we delve deep into his past and look for loopholes (this work primarily being carried out by the media and the candidate’s opponents) with the intention of discrediting him and derailing his campaign.

In India we tend to estimate whether the person is corrupt or honest and the second thing (in many cases the numero uno concern) which plays on our minds is whether he is communal or secular. In America the elections are largely issue based but in the initial stages there is a great amount of focus centered on the sex life of the candidate as to whether he has committed what we call marital infidelities or has he had too many partners. This political example serves as a clear line of demarcation between the cultures of these two countries.

The psychological mindset exhibited by Indians during elections is largely based on insecurities coupled with a communal outlook which is detrimental for the society whereas the American mindset is based on intellect and voyeurism which is again a symbol of shame. Both societies need to overcome massive limitations. The Americans need to obfuscate their too much of emphasis on sex whereas the Indians need to evolve their thinking and untangle the web of communalism and casteism.

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