Active Advocates in Parliament – Conflict of Interest?

Ever since a lot of legal professionals have forayed into politics, we have witnessed politics drenched into legalism which has resulted into administrative inaction, freeze in decision making, policy paralysis and governance deficit.

Lawyers practicing as politicians inside Parliament and as legal luminaries in law courts is a lethal combination but along with themselves lawyers have brought an inseparable and intrinsic aspect of their profession inside Parliament and that is of delays and pendency. But is this thing really worth caring about? Because if you delve deep into the history of politics of any democratic country with India being no exception, you will find out that an overwhelming majority of politicians happened to be lawyers either by degree or profession but the worrying factor is that earlier active politics provided no space for any other sort of activity to be carried out simultaneously but now scenes of politicians putting on their black robes when the Parliament is not in session is a very frequent phenomenon.

This dual tasking maybe a healthy prospect for money making but it raises certain serious questions which are primarily related to another indirect encroachment on the institutions of Parliament and the Executive by judicial officers. Is India’s judiciary (comprising of both lawyers and judges) being the law maker, law enforcer and also the one interpreting laws ?


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