Lokpal Logjam

Will the Lokpal logjam ever end? Will any side ever come up with such a formula for the anti-corruption ombudsman agency which will be acceptable to all the stakeholders (Government, Opposition and Team Anna) and to all those who have vigorously followed this movement in the anticipation of a historic legislation (eminent activists, decorated jurists, celebrated authors, the media, freelance journalists and thinking intellectuals like me & most importantly the people of this country)?

What lies in the destiny of this nation, an omnipotent ombudsman, a lacklustre lokpal or a reasonable organization which will function with utmost efficiency? These are questions which are not going to fade away anytime soon as consensus eludes and truce seems too far. The standoff doesn’t seem like ending and this stalemate is heading towards a titanic showdown between Team Anna and the Government. It will take a supernatural effort to dismantle this impasse. As we head towards the conclusion of the Winter Session of the Parliament which will be followed by the third phase of Anna’s mega protests there are certain things which remain to be the basic sticking points.

How will the final face of the Lokpal legislation shape up like? The most basic questions are in connection to the inclusion of the Prime Minister and of lower bureaucracy within the purview of the Lokpal, the fate of the CBI and along with these there are many more contentious issues concerning the Judiciary and the formation of Lokayuktas which are yet to be resolved. And will the Lokpal be a constitutional body as Rahul Gandhi wants it to be? But that also means 2/3rd majority in the Parliament and that requires a genuine consensus among various political parties. How will things finally turn up? I think that this debate is going to rage on endlessly and the answers to all our questions will surely be unveiled in the days to come. Let’s keep our fingers crossed till then.


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