Pseudo Poor Sympathizers & F1

I was just going through the newspaper when I came across an ample number of brickbats in connection to the Indian Grand Prix being held in Greater Noida. The criticizers whose opprobrium was highly venomous argued that the Indian Establishment should stop spending money on such activities as they are western ways of recreation and a status symbol sport for the elite.

They said they should instead spend the money of the State exchequer on poverty alleviation. What I fail to realize is that why can’t these pseudo-poor sympathizers realize that India is aiming for inclusive growth which implies all around development? On one hand we are doing our bit to alleviate poverty and eradicate unemployment by enacting schemes like the MNREGA and on the other, we are trying to showcase our strength and emergence on the global scale by hosting events like the F1. Development is a simple word having positive as well as negative implications. What the establishment has done is going to give way to positive development but such pessimistic takes being published in leading dailies will lead to only ‘negative developments’.


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