The Anna Movement – Anarchy & Commotion

I have written and spoken extensively on the issue of the Lokpal Bill and the impasse which has resulted because of the rift between the Government and Team Hazare. I will once again try to portray the entire scenario as simply as I can and try to highlight the level of silliness associated with this.

Firstly, if you ever raise an issue be it legitimate or illegitimate, required or not required, it will always have its bunch of supporters because there are certain people who are willing to lend support to any campaign. Let’s take the case of the Norway killer as an example. A lot of people and politicians have supported him by saying that even though his method wasn’t right but his ideology definitely was. They support him and say that immigration should be banned. Asians and Muslims should not be allowed to come and reside in Europe. What nonsense is this? Mr Hazare has raised an issue which is indeed the need of the hour. When reckless issues (like the one involving the Norway killer) have its supporters then a real issue will definitely have a greater set of supporters and this is the reason for the massive support garnered by Anna Hazare and this support exists primarily because of the ignorance of the masses. The people of the society are so busy with their careers and family that it is impossible for them to spare sometime to launch a crusade against a social menace. All of us, including Hindus, Muslims, Christians, etc have handed over the reins of our religion to the people of the lowest strata of the society. Pandits, mullahs and pastors are those set of men who have not had the privilege to access any education other than religious education as a result of which there is no substantial reform in our religions because the people who are leading the various religious bodies don’t have enough intellectuality and this results in the same kind of teaching being imparted again and again ie don’t lie, speak the truth, help others, respect all, etc. No mentioning is made by the religious leaders of the role of their respective religions in the contemporary scenario and this is primarily because of their lack of awareness. Religion is a core issue of the society and when the society did not consider itself worthy enough to deal with their religion themselves then how can they deal with a crunch issue like corruption on their own.

They need a demi-god to come and fight for them and this has attributed to the rise of Anna Hazare. Secondly, we all are guaranteed certain liberties by the Constitution but there is no denying that these liberties are many times grossly misused. Freedom of Speech and Expression is one such right which has been most undemocratically used in the form of hate speeches be it Advani’s hate speech, Varun Gandhi’s hate speech or Subramanium Swamy’s recent lethal article. Similarly the right to protest and the right to assemble freely was grossly misused by right wing parties ie the BJP, RSS, VHP, Shiv Sena during the 90’s and as a result of this Babri Masjid was demolished and we all are aware of the tense situation which prevailed in the country for the next couple of months after this tragic incident.

Anna Hazare is doing nothing apart from misusing the right to protest and this will accelerate commotion and bring about a state of anarchy. If Anna Hazare is given the permission to go on an indefinite fast then it will definite create a problem of transportation in the area in which he’ll be sitting and fasting. Delhi doesn’t just belong to Anna Hazare, it belongs to 1.75 crore people who have to go to work every day and for the sake of one Anna Hazare, 1.75 crore people cannot go through agony. So the Delhi Police is not totally wrong when it applies sanctions or riders on Anna Hazare and his team. Clear outlining of the freedom of speech and expression and of the right to protest is necessary. Riders need to be imposed on such liberties as and when required in order to prevent commotion.