Mischief Played by Religious Leaders

Religious leaders are collectively responsible for making the society believe in the myth that their religion is the most superior religion in the whole world and nobody is capable of challenging their religion’s supremacy. They do so by utilizing the art of limited perception.

The Bible, Gita, Quran, Upanishads, Vedas, Guru Granth Sahib are not just books, they are huge books. These religious leaders pick out one line from these books and with the help of that one line they prove their superiority and other religion’s inferiority. Tell me how can one line be interpreted in a single way without studying its implications? Why was that statement made? Why was it written in such a way? Every religion has its set of drawbacks and strengths. Quoting one line out of these extremely huge Holy Books isn’t enough to prove a thing.

They do not accept alternating opinions and anybody who raises a voice against them is accused of blasphemy and things like that. If you ever attend a religious conference you will see that these people almost teach the same things. Never lie, don’t cheat, don’t harm anyone, respect everyone, help others and obey the Almighty. People appreciate them for saying so but frankly speaking there is nothing new in these words? We’ve been taught these things since time immemorial and it doesn’t take much time to repeat these things in an inspiring way after practicing a speech to perfection. I don’t have great fondness for religious leaders and that is why I believe in my own independent and pragmatic understanding of life and my religion.

Politicians & Power Grabbing

For politicians, politics is a power grabbing game. Most of the politicians are armchair administrators whose only intention is to prolong their stay in public offices so that they can have the authority to call the shots.

They are not interested in steering this nation to the forefront of economic development and in fixing all its loopholes. The existence of party politics or party affiliations is the reason for the sorry state of politics all around the world. Politics needs to be made more individual oriented where only independent intellectuals should battle it out for public offices on the basis of merit and ability. They should not be backed by any organization, their campaign should not be funded by any corporate house and no person should be allowed to contribute more than a thousand rupees towards their campaign.

If at any point in time poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, inflation, fiscal deficit, food shortage or any other issue of national interest is above 3% then all the sitting legislators should be made ineligible for re-election.