Note Written on the Night Prior to Declaration of ISC 2011 Board Results

Life is about two things, what a man can do and what a man can’t do. What a man can do is to shape his own destiny and what a man can’t do is to defy the destiny which has been dictated upon him by God. Glory doesn’t last forever nor does agony. There will be an explosion of ecstasy in the homes of all those who’ll emerge triumphant after the results are announced tomorrow and at the same time a couple of homes will plunge into sorrow after tasting defeat but one thing is for sure that these feelings aren’t going to last till eternity. In the homes of all the victors sweets will be distributed, people will congratulate each other and it will be a day of pride for them. In the homes of all the unfortunate ones there will be commotion, arguments, blame-game and humiliation. These things will continue to last for a few days but one day all the euphoria will die down, all the humiliation and sorrow will be wiped out and things will be back to normal. Everybody will be forced to start from scrap again.

All those who claim that getting a good percentage guarantees a good college, nice job, hefty salary and a king’s life need to answer a very innocent question of mine. We can die at any moment, this shows that there isn’t even an assurance for our life then how can there be an assurance for financial stability and a happy life just by means of marks? Struggle is a word which is a synonym to life. Challenges will keep arising every now and then. Today it might be to get marks, tomorrow to get a college, day after to earn and this goes on and on. Life is all about learning and not giving up. This journey of life is full of setbacks. You need to learn how to accept defeat gracefully and after accepting defeat you need to become stubborn and try to scale the mountain again. People are going to say stuff about you, they’ll discourage you, they’ll discredit you, they’ll disregard you but you need to be like a mountain. You know why? Because when somebody throws a stone towards a mountain it either bounces off or adds to the mountain thus making it even stronger. That criticism, that opprobrium needs to be dealt with realistically and one should learn to be optimistic and pragmatic at the same time. The ball is now in your court and the choice is totally yours. Everyday is a new challenge and everyone has to start from scrap. You can scratch to glory and be happy or you can scratch to misery and taste agony. It’s up to you now. Try and win this fight and if you can’t then at least take this fight till the very end and keep fighting till you end up in your grave.